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Professional Scissor, Knife and
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Professional Scissor, Knife and Tool Sharpening Services

Tel: 07460 722984
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Tel: 07460 722984 or Email:

Hair Dressing Scissors

Built specifically for the sharpening of Professional Hairdressing Scissors the machinery I use grinds with a fine grit diamond wheel which allows for very little metal to be removed. Specific angles can be set to enable the original factory edge of the scissors to be flawlessly followed which means that your scissors will easily accept many more years of professional sharpening.

Once sharpened, the back of the blade or "ride line" is re-established, enabling the blades to effortlessly glide past one another. All the edges are honed and polished to a razor sharp point, then finally the interior of the scissors, parts and mechanisms are cleaned and replaced if necessary, including finger rests, washers and rings.

Last but not least, your scissors will be returned to you, better than the day you purchased them!

Nicks and dents are ground out with a small fee and specific angles can be requested if you wish to repurpose your blades.

Other Scissors 

Dress Making, Embroidery, Fiscars, Clippers, Nippers, Secateurs, Sheers, Loppers and any other scissor like blade you can think of are all sharpened on the professional scissor machine with a white grinding stone and as the scissors have their angles measured, there is little loss of metal.


Hairdressing Scissors or thinners (Includes full service) £15.00
Dressmaking/Tailoring Scissors £5.00
Fiskars & Embroidery Scissors £5.00
Veterinary Scissors £5.00
General Household Scissors £5.00

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